The Game

“Laika – the Trail of the Golden Bone” is an educational detective game about understanding the feelings, wants, and needs of others. The game strengthens social and emphatic skills in an entertaining way.

After being named Dog Park of the Year by the Jolly Dogs Association and awarded the Golden Bone, Laika is the place to be. A festival was organized for the occasion, and afterwards visitors flocked to the park. But shortly afterwards, the Golden Bone was gone! The park is closed down immediately and Arthur, the best sleuth-hound by far, is called for help. The players must help Arthur to solve the case, find out what happened and hunt down the Golden Bone. This includes asking various dogs questions about their personalities, feelings, relationships and goals. By doing the right thing, the players gain the trust of the dogs and get valuable clues to solve the case. Meanwhile they train their social skills to learn from others, to interpret emotions and feelings, and to actively listen to others. The game is divided into four consecutive episodes, each focusing on one of the four game characters and their problems.